Faith at home

Faith ALL Week Long!

Did you know that a young person’s most significant influence of faith is their parents/caregivers? This means what happens in the days, hours, and minutes of your week that aren’t at church really matter!
Prince of Peace church is a community where you are equipped and supported as you grow in faith and pass on faith to the younger generations in your life!

Check-our these weekly ideas, tips, and tools for families of all shapes and sizes! 

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October 1

October 8

October 15

October 22

October 29 - Reformation

October 29

November 5 - All Saints

November 5

November 12

November 19


November 26


Mom and Dad's Night Outs!

Connect with other parents throughout the year!

Mom’s Night Out - 6-7:30pm (Postino-Highland)

Tuesday August 22

Monday October 23

Tuesday January 23

Monday March 19

Tuesday May 8

Dad’s Night Out - 6-7:30pm  (O.H.S.O.)

Monday August 14

Tuesday October 17

Monday January 29

Tuesday March 27

Monday May 14